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Our School Help Desk & Ticketing Software is designed for schools, MATs and colleges with the tools they need to respond to priority tickets, manage workflows and provide an improved level of support to both staff and students.

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Help Desk Ticketing Software For Schools & Educational Establishments

Compliance Pod Education’s School Help Desk Ticketing Software is flexible workflow management software for schools, incorporating powerful dashboard reporting functionality. The system has wide-ranging applications, across procurement, IT technical support, facilities management, workflow management and disposal processes.

Designed to provide everything from a simple help desk for an individual school, through to a complete task management and ticketing solution for a MAT or large college. Our Help Desk Ticketing Software enables:

  • Complete flexibility in the management of inbound support requests
  • Efficient management of task workflows – from creation to completion – across multiple departments and sites
  • Real-time KPI monitoring and reporting

Software Designed for Schools to Efficiently Manage and Schedule Tasks

An unlimited number of workflow inboxes can be created, each with bespoke access privileges, statuses, data fields, escalation rules/alerts, authorisation pathways and reporting criteria. Enable the streamlining of important tasks and the simplification of complex issues within one intuitive software hub.

Each user is alerted when tickets are allocated to them and they can access and update their to-do list, online and via the mobile app, wherever they are. All with the help of our Help Desk Ticketing Software, enabling the efficient management and scheduling of school-related tasks.

Help Desk Software Key Features

Configurable Ticket Microsites

Discover configurable general access ticket microsites through staff or students raising tickets for each inbox or by contacting an administrator. Ticket microsites can incorporate self-help guides that prompt basic trouble-shooting before raising the ticket.

Independent Workflow Management

Each ticket acts as an independent workflow management tool, allowing assigned staff to create individual tasks within each ticket and assign, communicate with other technicians, communicate with the ticket raiser, log time and costs, upload documents and authorise actions such as procurement.

Link Tickets To Key Assets

Tickets can be linked to specific assets, enabling those utilising the School Asset Management Software application to see reactive task tickets, both opened and closed, relating to that asset (full access to the ticket info only available to those with permission to access the inbox).

Sophisticated Ticketing Reporting

Set up sophisticated RAG reporting seamlessly for specific inboxes, categories, priorities, teams and individual technicians. These reports are highly configurable for operational workflow and board-level management, giving you complete oversight and control.

Automatically Generated Tickets

Tickets can also be automatically generated and allocated in response to scheduled compliance tasks and inspections, linking testing and inspection seamlessly with required remedial actions – requires the Compliance Management Software application.

Reactive Ticket Inboxes

Create as many reactive task inboxes as you need, each with its own configurable ticket statuses, categories, priorities, reporting criteria, KPIs/SLAs and data fields. The access to, and visibility of, each inbox is configurable to accommodate your organisation.

Configure an unlimited number and variety of Reactive Task Rules to programme automated actions such as sending email alerts to management or moving tickets to different inboxes if tickets are open for a specific period.

Input business hours and holidays which, in combination with the flexibility to pause ticket timers for certain ticket statuses, ensures your monitoring and reporting on response and close times is accurate.

The access to, and visibility of, each inbox can be controlled by a combination of region, site, department, team and/or individual allowing complete flexibility to accommodate the way your organisation is structured.

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