Effective communication is the cornerstone of any operation, therefore one of the foremost challenges to overcome to reap better communication benefits.

Poor communication can create a variety of problems in the workplace when something hasn’t been expressed clearly enough or information has slipped your mind or someone else’s.

Essential Workplace Communication Tips

We’ve all experienced dealing with someone whose communication needs to improve. It’s often inaccurate, misleading, or confusing. When that someone is in charge, it can be a drain on productivity. Communication benefits can be gained by us all with some small tweaks to the way we deliver our messages.

Communication, however, is a 2-way street. We, ourselves, are not always aware of our own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communication benefits.

1. Be Aware of Different Styles of Communication

Not all people communicate in the same way. Some are direct, bold and focused on feelings or emotions. Some are indirect, timid, and focus on outcomes, and the same goes for styles of listening. If someone misunderstands you, don’t expect them to change their style of listening. Take it upon yourself to change your style to better reach more people.

2. Use the Tools Available

There is a myriad of simple software systems out there that will allow you to reap communication benefits and allow you to send and receive SMS, app messages, and emails. 

If your team would benefit from seeing how reminders sent by SMS, email or app messages can improve your productivity, we can help.

3. Know Your Colleagues

How do your colleagues respond best? Small, prompt reminders sent by text or email may work best for changes and notifications. Some people may prefer weekly in-person meetings where all information is laid out in one go. Or a mix of the two may be better.

4. Document and Follow Up

For example, if a change to a policy is made, and it has been communicated to the relevant members of your organisation, then it may be important enough to send a reminder to make everyone aware. 

For effective communication, minutes and notes of a meeting should always be taken and sent to the group following a meeting, even if it is just a few bullet points or a couple of lines. It helps reinforce your message and keep everyone in the loop.

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Tips on Workplace Communication: A Summary

The key to effective workplace communication is not to always send increasing numbers of messages. In fact, sending fewer, more direct and targeted communications can help any organisation massively. We’ve all been in a meeting and thought, “This could have been an email”.

With these essential workplace communication tips, you’re on the right track:

  • Know your message
  • Target the appropriate people
  • Different people prefer different styles and frequencies of communication
  • Get it out there using the most appropriate means
  • Keep communications as short as they need to be

Take Your Workplace Communication to the Next Level

Having a digital communication module for your workplace will provide you with the tools you need to increase the effectiveness of workplace communication and engagement to build a stronger company culture.

Compliance Pod have you covered with an internal communication software that allows you to implement our workplace communication tips. The software also allows you to schedule and send critical updates to team members from a centralised hub through in-app messaging, SMS or email.

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