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Compliance Software for Colleges

Compliance Pod Education provides college management software developed specifically for colleges. The college management software is built from the feedback and advice from thousands of professionals working within colleges of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Our college management software is designed for colleges by colleges.

Compliance Pod Education’s goal is to keep the goals of colleges in line with compliance, ensuring that your college legally complies with appropriate statutory, regulatory, and corporate standards.

College Management Modules

Asset Manager

Our Asset Management Software for colleges allows you to control all your educational assets that are part of your establishment, some examples of this include: buildings, IT infrastructure, contracts and warranties and service agreements. Our asset management software would give your college control over asset life cycles, from procurement to disposal, increased oversight of budgeting and capital expenditure processes and reminders of important dates, such as contract rollovers.  Some additional key features of this particular college management software include:

  • Professional consultation
  • Multimedia assets
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Custom asset features
  • Fully responsive asset management

Compliance Tasks

Our College Compliance Software manages all compliance activities such as routine testing and inspections, first aid administration and accident reporting. With a combination of task scheduling, internal communication and digital recording tools, our compliance software gives you everything you need to keep on top of everything compliance-related within your college. Some additional key features of the software include:

  • Configurable compliance tasks
  • Sophisticated compliance dashboard
  • Compliance task notifications
  • Editable preloaded compliance tasks
  • Digital compliance forms
  • The ability to export compliance data

Task Manager

Our College Help Desk Ticketing Software is a flexible workflow management software designed to allow for responding to priority tickets, managing workflow and providing an improved level of support to staff and students.  Some additional key features of the software include:

  • Configurable ticket microsites
  • Independent workflow management
  • Link tickets to key assets
  • Sophisticated ticket reporting
  • Automatically generated tickets
  • Reactive ticket inboxes

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

What Does Cornwall College Think?

When our journey to find a system started, we were reliant on a limiting system for reporting jobs and storing information in varying formats. There was no consistency in how compliance information was presented, and record sheets were in varying formats. It was difficult to find information quickly. This was a problem we needed to solve. All our data and information needed to be in one place for audit purposes and we needed to ensure that all our sites were aligned. When the college first looked at Compliance Pod, what stood out straight away was that it was a modular system, meaning we had the choice to only purchase the modules we needed. It was also possible to introduce our chosen modules at different times. We could take each module, set it up accordingly in line with how we wanted it and then roll it out, before moving on to the next one.

The more I saw of Compliance Pod the more I realised it does everything we need it to.

As the system is so easy to configure, we can add teams, staff, and allocate tasks easily – giving us more consistency in our operations over the numerous campuses and buildings we run. Tasks are now being completed on time and the reminders to the teams are priceless in ensuring we are compliant.  It has given the teams accountability for completing tasks and following through with the actions required, with a full audit trail. In terms of implementation, Compliance Pod assigned us someone to help us through the process. They were extremely helpful and on-hand to alleviate our concerns about implementing the system across all our sites. We were offered meetings with our teams to give them better insight as to what we wanted from the system and how best to achieve it.

Whenever we had a question of “can the system do this…?” we were pleased to find the answer was always “yes”.

Compliance Pod has helped us to consider our operations as a whole and how we could make the system work best for us. The areas of compliance, best practice, and statutory tasks that Compliance Pod were able to show us in the implementation, highlighted tasks that we hadn’t considered but now form part of our compliance regime.

If anyone is considering Compliance Pod, I would very much recommend it.

– Helen Pennells and Carly Evans, Campus Services Manager & Estates Coordinator and Technical Assistant, Cornwall College

See Compliance Pod in Action!

Watch this short video to see our task management, helpdesk ticket and asset management modules working together to complete the “loop” of a compliance regime, best practice or statutory checks or planned preventative maintenance.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

What Does Felpham College Think?

Prior to implementing Compliance Pod, we did not have any systems in place to manage our statutory and planned preventative maintenance, policies, or asset registers. We were reliant on spreadsheets that did not give us the data or information we needed.

If something terrible happened and my “local knowledge” was lost, the entirety of the college’s compliance information could be irretrievably lost.

Obviously, this was not ideal. We needed a software solution that was not manual, prone to mistakes and data loss. Seeing the Compliance Task module cemented our decision to get Compliance Pod. We also have the Asset Manager, Policy & Procedure, and Reactive Tasks modules.

During the implementation process, there was nothing that could have been done better or differently.

The team [at Compliance Pod] collaborated with us to collate together all our regular, scheduled PPM and statutory inspections. All we had to do for the Compliance Tasks module was fill in some dates and the rest was done for us by the team. The Policy & Procedure module was quite simple to configure.

Compliance Pod is easy, and I would recommend it!

It has given us an audit trail of all the tasks that should be completed with regularity and allows us to pull reports easily. We have saved so much time and now have peace of mind that all areas of compliance are covered because of Compliance Pod. We are no longer having to check spreadsheets and we don’t need to check Compliance Pod as I know it is doing what it needs to do in the background. It will notify me when I need to be aware of anything.

– Angharad McEwan, Compliance Officer, Felpham College

Policy & Process Manager

Our School Policy Management Software allows your college to store, update and distribute policy documents. With this software, the collection and storage of documents are made simple. Some additional key features of the software include:

  • Policy documents and supporting content
  • Policy distribution
  • One-Click reporting
  • Policy management microsite
  • Full policy version control functionality
  • Policy organisation

Training Manager

Our School Employee Training Management Software is designed to provide your college with the appropriate tools they require to manage a Single Central Record (SCR) of staff training and certification.  Some additional key features of the software include:

  • Organisational training hierarchy
  • Comprehensive training management
  • Employee training tracking
  • Staff onboarding
  • Prepopulated training fields
  • Powerful skill search

Communication Manager

Our School Internal Communication System is designed for colleges to be provided with the tools they require for increased communication and engagement to build a strong company culture. Some additional key features of the software include:

  • Personalised internal communication
  • Data collection
  • Internal communication microsites

Why Choose Compliance Pod Education for your College Management Software?

At Compliance Pod Education we offer unparalleled support to our customers through our highly trained UK based customer service team, so you will have no query unanswered. 

Our systems are designed for colleges driven by the feedback and market research from professionals working within colleges. So you can be assured that your best interests are one of the core focuses of our systems. 

Our college management software incorporates up to date technology both on desktop and mobile but also maintains its simple and easy usage for those that aren’t technologically savvy.

When all the software features are combined, you achieve the full benefits of the entire package working in harmony. If you don’t want to start with all the features at once, we are also able to tailor your package towards the software features that are appropriate to your institution. All the software features are able to be implemented independently.

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