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Operating an educational institution, regardless of the context or scale, is a highly complex undertaking. Creating and maintaining a safe and highly functional environment in which to deliver effective teaching and learning is always challenging.

One of the most significant challenges is managing the wide-ranging, and ever-expanding, legislative and regulatory requirements that impact English Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

  • You have a duty to ensure that school/college buildings under your control comply with appropriate statutory, regulatory, and corporate standards.
  • You have a duty to protect public funds, investing wisely in your assets and looking after them throughout their useful life cycle.
  • An increasing burden of legislative and regulatory duties are falling on school/college leaders and managers, particularly where they have become academies.
  • The task of managing compliance is complex, onerous and costly, especially across multiple sites and budgets have been reducing for a decade.
  • Those with responsibility for the school/college estate regularly face challenges in terms of their ability to control and manage what goes on in buildings that they own.
  • It is essential that the responsible body puts in place robust systems, procedures, processes, and documentation for each school/college manager to follow and implement.
  • If compliance tasks and records are not managed within a robust system and are instead known only to your current staff, what happens if they leave your organisation?
  • Regulatory compliance in schools/colleges is much more than just ensuring statutory compliance activity is carried out on the estate and you need a single solution that manages all assets, scheduled and reactive tasks, risk assessments, staff training records, policies and procedures, accident and incident reporting.
  • Failure to comply has potentially serious consequences:
  • Risk of damage to property and/or injury to staff and students;
    • An increased risk of successful personal injury claims against your organisation, incurring significant costs;
  • Identification of a breach can lead to HSE audit, fees for intervention and significantly increased ongoing scrutiny;
  • Magistrates courts can impose prison sentences up to 12 months and fines up to £20,000 for a breach of the HSWA;
  • In the event of a death, both the body corporate and duty holding individuals can be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter.

What we believe

  • We believe that delivering high-quality education in a safe, stimulating environment is very important to the future. The physical environment in which our children and young people are educated and the resources available to support their education are critical factors in achieving this.
  • We believe that every school, MAT and college in the UK should be equipped to operate an efficient, effective asset management and compliance regime – mitigating risk, reducing complexity, saving public money and ensuring our children and young people are educated in a safe, healthy space.
  • We believe that in order to deliver our objectives, we need to fully understand the unique challenges our schools and colleges face. The only way to do this is to become part of their team, to work in partnership with them on the ground and – most importantly – to listen to them.
  • We have a passion for technology and our greatest satisfaction comes from successfully applying the latest innovations in our solutions, to overcome the challenges our partners face in delivering their objectives.

Operating in compliance with all statutory regulations, internal policies, and defined standards requires the organisation and management of thousands of planned and reactive activities annually, across multiple departments and functions.

To achieve this, you need a powerful, integrated system. You need Compliance Pod. Powerful, Integrated School Management Software.