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Compliance Software for Secondary Schools

Our compliance software for secondary schools helps schools stay compliant in line with their goals and strategy.  Our secondary school management software is designed for schools by school employees to streamline activities, minimise risk and make processes as efficient as they can be.


Compliance software for secondary schools combines several of our compliance-related modules to provide you with an end-to-end compliance solution. Modules are available as either a standalone service or can be integrated with other modules to work in harmony.


Compliance Pod Education and its modules have been built from the ground up, based on feedback from thousands of professionals working in education. You can be confident that our secondary school management software has been designed with your educational establishment’s best interests in mind.


Secondary School Software Modules

Our school software has a wealth of features available for your organisation to utilise.

Asset Manager

Our school asset manager software module enables your school to understand, monitor, and control the lifecycle of all your assets – both tangible and intangible.

Aiding your school in budgeting, adhering to important dates such as contract rollovers, alongside a professional consultation. We offer a compliance auditing service to help onboard you to our platform.

Compliance Tasks

Our compliance management software module is the crux of our offering. Managing all of your compliance activities from one central dashboard, from incident reporting to scheduled testing and inspections.

Ensure no compliance tasks are missed, all while saving precious time and resources through a seamless auditing process.

Digitally transform your paper records.

Task Manager

Our task management or helpdesk software module helps your school effectively manage and optimise workflows. Generate tickets for asset disposals, project management, IT technical support, and more.

Our school management software allows you to set up sophisticated RAG reporting, highly configurable and suitable for both operational workflow and board-level management.

Policy & Process Manager

Our policy management software module enables your school to regain control of policy and procedure documents. Store, review, update and distribute relevant policy documents within your school – all with full version control.

Ensure that no review dates are missed all the while making sure that archived policies are easily restored. You can also make certain that staff both have access to policies and management have staff acknowledgments available.

Training Manager

Our training management software module provides schools with the resources they need to manage a single central record (SCR) of staff training and certification. Utilise features such as pre-populated training fields, powerful skill search, and comprehensive employee training tracking.

Our school management software easily spots gaps in training and certification, helps track and manage training, and maintains a searchable skills database for all staff.

Communication Manager

Our internal communication management software module helps schools to improve communication, engagement, thus creating an improved company culture. Utilise features such as data collection, audit trails, and microsites with our school management software.

Instantly create and distribute surveys and questionnaires for staff input helping to provide additional insight into day-to-day operations.

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