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Our Policy Management Software allows your school to store, review, update and distribute policy documents – with automated staff acknowledgement and testing.

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Policy Management Software For Schools & Education

Compliance Pod’s Policy Management Software allows you to store, review, update and distribute policy documents – with automated staff acknowledgement and testing.

Incorporating innovative policy microsites, full version control, digital distribution, publishing and survey management tools, Policy Manager gives you everything you need to ensure:

  • Policy review dates are never missed, and archived policies are easily retrievable
  • Staff are kept up to date with current policy and the latest policies are always available online
  • Collection of staff acknowledgement is simple and straightforward

Streamline School Policy Distribution with Dedicated Management Software

To streamline the implementation process, we bulk upload your existing policies for you, including categories, version numbers and review dates.

Designed to accommodate the needs of individual schools, MATs and colleges, the system can also be used to manage key processes, procedures, and risk assessments.

Policy Management Software Key Features

Policy Documents & Supporting Content

Upload policy documents in a wide range of document formats, as well as supporting content including video. With the ability to upload embedded videos to a policy you are able to provide detailed instructions to staff to aid them in completing tasks.

Policy Distribution

Distribute policies and procedures seamlessly via email, SMS text and in-app messages. Our Policy Management Software includes automatic staff acknowledgment through our unique policy microsites with the facility to set acknowledgment deadlines. Review staff to see who has acknowledgments outstanding, has missed deadlines and set reminders.

One-Click Reporting

Report with ease, one-click reporting on all policy review dates. Alongside reporting features such as our powerful search tool, not only searching policy titles but content as well, and full version control for all policy documents with a searchable archive.

Policy Management Microsite

Host all your dedicated policy and procedure files on a secure platform with our policy management microsites. The microsites are accessed via a unique weblink. Policies can be collated into a collection which can be accessed from any browser, simply link to the microsite URL. Policy microsites are instantly updated when a new policy is created and supports a wide variety of file formats including PDF for documents within the microsite.

Full Policy Version Control Functionality

Our Policy Management Software includes full version control functionality – old versions are archived and can easily be accessed and reviewed as required. You can track any changes to policies and procedures, which can be audited to identify when a change was actioned and by whom.

Policy Organisation

Organise policies into user-defined categories, each policy can then be assigned keyword tags to facilitate quick search and retrieval. Through using our keyword document search functionality, the system will analyse the document name, any keyword tags and the text of the document itself to return results.

Each staff member has their own personal policy library which they can review at any time, from any internet-enabled device.

Easily create public policy packs for publishing on websites or intranets with all policies automatically updated wherever they are published.

Only staff with administrator privileges can add or update policies.

Make certain policies only available to those in specific locations, departments or job roles and even exclude selected individuals if required.

Staff who are active users of the Compliance Pod platform, can access all policies relevant to them via their personal policy library, either online or via the mobile app and when changes are made, they will be alerted via the systems internal communication system.

Easily configure which staff each policy applies to.

Easily create surveys to accompany a policy to test whether staff have understood the content.

In addition, all the functionality above is also available to manage the Processes and Procedures derived from policies.

Upload multiple documents in PDF, Microsoft Office and a wide range of other file formats, allowing you to group associated procedures and work sheets with the overriding policy.

Next review date is set for each policy and document within that policy – this is tracked by the system and administrators will be alerted to upcoming and passed review dates.

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