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Don’t just take our word for how using a combination of Compliance Pod’s intuitive modules can revolutionise your organisation. Have a read of what our customers think about Compliance Pod.

Cornwall College

Helen Pennells & Carly Evans, Campus Services Manager & Estates Co-Ordinator

When our journey to find a system started, we had nothing in place. Everything was paper-based and if it wasn’t set out on spreadsheets then it was floating around in our heads. We were relying on the information given in handover notes from our various site teams. This was a problem we needed to solve. All our data and information needed to be in one place for audit purposes and we needed to ensure that all our sites were aligned.

When the college first looked at Compliance Pod, what stood out straight away was that it was a modular system, meaning we had the choice to only purchase the modules we needed. It was also possible to introduce our chosen modules at different times. We could take each module, set it up accordingly in line with how we wanted it and then roll it out, before moving on to the next one.

The more I saw of Compliance Pod the more I realised it does everything we need it to.

As the system is so easy to configure, we can add teams, staff, and allocate tasks easily – giving us more consistency in our operations over the numerous campuses and buildings we run.

Tasks are now being completed on time and the reminders to the teams are priceless in ensuring we are compliant.  It has given the teams accountability for completing tasks and following through with the actions required, with a full audit trail.

In terms of implementation, Compliance Pod assigned us someone to help us through the process, they were extremely helpful and on-hand to alleviate our concerns about implementing the system across all our sites. We were offered meetings with our teams to give them better insight as to what we wanted from the system and how best to achieve it.

Whenever we had a question of “can the system do this…?” we were pleased to find the answer was always “yes”.

Compliance Pod has helped us to consider our operations as a whole and how we could make the system work best for us. The areas of compliance, best practice, and statutory tasks that Compliance Pod were able to show us in the implementation, highlighted tasks that we hadn’t considered but now form part of our compliance regime.

If anyone is considering Compliance Pod, I would very much recommend it.

Felpham College

Angharad McEwan, Compliance Officer

Prior to implementing Compliance Pod, we did not have any systems in place to manage our statutory and planned preventative maintenance, policies, or asset registers. We were reliant on spreadsheets that did not give us the data or information we needed.

If something terrible happened and my “local knowledge” was lost, the entirety of the college’s compliance information could be irretrievably lost. Obviously, this was not ideal. We needed a software solution that was not manual, prone to mistakes and data loss.

Seeing the Compliance Task module cemented our decision to get Compliance Pod. We also have the Asset Manager, Policy & Procedure, and Reactive Tasks modules.

During the implementation process, there was nothing that could have been done better or differently.

The team there collaborated with us to collate together all our regular, scheduled PPM and statutory inspections. All we had to do for the Compliance Tasks module was fill in some dates and the rest was done for us by the team. The Policy & Procedure module was quite simple to configure.

It has given us an audit trail of all the tasks that should be completed with regularity and allows us to pull reports easily. We have saved so much time and now have peace of mind that all areas of compliance are covered because of Compliance Pod.

We are no longer having to check spreadsheets and we don’t need to check Compliance Pod as I know it is doing what it needs to do in the background. It will notify me when I need to be aware of anything.

Compliance Pod is easy, and I would recommend it!

See Compliance Pod in Action!

Watch this short video to see our task management, helpdesk ticket and asset management modules working together to complete the “loop” of a compliance regime, best practice or statutory checks or planned preventative maintenance.

St Swithun’s

Sarah Bond, Business Manager

When we first started looking for a new system, we were looking for something that was easier to use than our current system and offered us more functionality. The simplicity of Compliance Pod stood out to us as soon as we saw it, and once its ease of use was demonstrated to us, our decision was made. We thought price would be an issue for such a substantial system, but when we were given our quote, we were pleasantly surprised at how affordable Compliance Pod was.

Our goal was to achieve better management of our PPM and recording of our reactive maintenance tasks. Compliance Pod has more than met our expectations.

Our Site Manager now has much more visibility of our PPM and reactive maintenance, and our asset management is much more secure.

Our favourite module is Compliance Tasks. We can be certain that we are, genuinely compliant. The biggest benefits in our eyes are the visibility the system offers us and the ease of use. This means that everyone can use it regardless of technical ability and therefore our reporting outputs are always accurate. The team manages workflows and assigned tasks much better now that everything is streamlined.

If I had to sum up our experience with Compliance Pod in one word, it would have to be “superb”. We were concerned that the set up and implementation would be a lot of work for us, especially as we were implementing the system during a pandemic. I have to say the process was fantastic, and the support and customer service has been above and beyond.

If you were to ask how likely we would be to recommend Compliance Pod, the answer would be very likely!

My advice to anyone considering purchasing the system – do it!

Winsor Primary

Anne Bedford, Resources Manager

Our previous asset management provider’s software was awkward to use and clunky. Because of this, we didn’t use it day-to-day. To ensure that the register was current and up to date, we paid yearly for a 3rd party to audit our assets on our behalf. We needed to be able to make tracking existing and adding new assets to our asset register a lot easier if we were going to save money and make best use of any asset management software.

The statutory and planned preventative maintenance schedule was in someone’s head and on paper records. Continuity of service was an issue if staff left our school. Like with our asset register, the systems and processes in place were not fit-for-purpose.

I would totally recommend Compliance Pod!

We liked the look of Compliance Pod because it was simple and straight-forward to use both for asset management and regular, scheduled compliance tasks.

The implementation process was painless, and nothing could have been done differently or better. All our data was passed to Compliance Pod, and it was uploaded and configured straight away. It couldn’t have been better.

The customer service cannot be beaten. It’s a big thing for us to know that we have somebody there for us who knows what they’re doing.

Since it has been implemented, we have peace of mind that if something happened to a staff member, we have the information and tools in place to carry out business as usual. Our staff are finding it easy to use and tasks are being completed in a timely fashion.

My one piece of advice for anyone considering Compliance Pod: Go for it!

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