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Our Employee Training Management Software is designed to provide schools, MATs and Colleges with the tools they need to manage a Single Central Record (SCR) of staff training and certification.

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Employee Training Management & Tracking For Schools

Compliance Pod’s Employee Training Management & Tracking Software automatically tracks, manages and updates employee training information across schools, MATs and colleges. Seamlessly deploy and track training

By combining flexible data management, document upload and online reporting tools, Training Manager makes it simple to:

  • Easily identify gaps in training and certification
  • Ensure no training expires
  • Maintain a detailed, searchable skills database for all staff

Manage Progression Development with Dedicated Training Management Software

As always, our highly skilled compliance audit services are available to assist you in configuring the system to meet your needs. We can also bulk import existing employee training data where available.

Stay in compliance with our dedicated Employee Training Management & Tracking Software. Helping you to manage all facets of training management: set up employees on training programs, track progress and notify participants when needed.

Employee Training Management Key Features

Organisational Training Hierarchy

We build in your organisational hierarchy, allowing those in management positions to view and report on the training records of their direct and indirect reports, giving you total flexibility in allocating employee training management responsibility.

Comprehensive Training Management

Easily add and edit roles and qualifications to meet your individual needs, including the recording and tracking of CPD for teaching staff. Easily include other skills, such as spoken languages, musical instruments played or extra-curricular competencies.

Employee Training Tracking

For each qualification and certification, you can input the date achieved and, where required, the expiration date. Managers can then review their staff’s qualifications and competencies; easily identifying missing, expired and soon to expire qualifications.

Staff Onboarding

When a new member of staff joins the organisation, they are added to the Compliance Pod system users list. Based on their job role, our Employee Training Management Software then automatically knows what training and certifications are required and will start managing them immediately.

Prepopulated Training Fields

Our Training Management Software makes recording, managing and tracking employees competencies a breeze. Prepopulated with all common roles, each role is preconfigured with the required qualifications and certifications.

Powerful Skill Search

Our software is designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, thus we have the functionality to alleviate manual tasks. ‘Skills Search’ allows you to quickly query staff records to identify individuals with specific competencies, such as an Urdu speaker or a first aider.

Roles are assigned to specific job titles and supplementary roles can then be added to individuals e.g. first aiders and fire marshals.

For each qualification and certification, you can input the date achieved and, where required, expiration date.

Upload digital copies of certifications to individual staff records.

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