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Our School Asset Management Software is designed to provide schools, MATs and colleges with the tools to supply a holistic view of assets and manage them accordingly.

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Asset Management Software For Schools & Educational Establishments

Compliance Pod Education’s School Asset Management Software allows you to efficiently control the lifecycle of all your educational assets, from buildings, M&E and IT infrastructure to approved contractors, service agreements, contracts and warranties.

By combining QR asset tagging, a highly flexible database, document/media uploads, with powerful reporting and alert tools, our School Asset Management Software gives you:

  • Total control over asset life cycles, from procurement to disposal
  • Increased oversight of budgeting and capital expenditure processes
  • Peace of mind that important dates, such as contract rollovers, will not be missed

Software Designed for Schools to Manage Assets Effectively

Designed specifically for schools and other educational establishments, our School Asset Management Software makes linking assets by criteria of your choosing incredibly straightforward, yet extremely powerful. Allowing for complete control over day-to-day operations.

Whether you’re working from a desktop – mobile or tablet, via the app or fully responsive web platform – everything you need to know about all your assets can be accessed, reviewed and updated, wherever you are. All with the help of our School Asset Management System.

School Asset Management Software Key Features

Control Over Both Tangible & Intangible Assets

Our software enables schools to take control over both tangible and intangible assets. Anything from buildings and premises, IT equipment and furniture to commercial contracts, service agreements and certifications can be recorded and managed with ease.

Professional Consultation

Alongside our School Asset Management Software, we provide a professional compliance audit management service available to configure the system to meet your specific needs. If required, we can do all the work for you to design a totally bespoke database structure for your school.

Multimedia Assets

Access to both upload and manage a wide range of multimedia assets, catering to a variety of formats. Capture and attach images, videos of your assets and locations, even create instructional videos to better manage your equipment.

Dynamic Reporting

With dynamic reporting tools, create a wide range of customised reports from all asset data. Reports are updated daily, or on-demand, and can be easily exported. Perfect for ensuring compliance across your educational organisation.

Custom Asset Features

Our school asset management software has both preconfigured common asset types and relevant data collection fields as well as the ability to add and remove asset types and data collection fields to personalise your asset management experience.

Fully Responsive Asset Management

Web-based, easily accessible, highly configurable, fully responsive asset management and reporting system for schools. Coupled with an unlimited number of user accounts with variable access rights.

A visual record/audit relating to your assets and locations.


Easy upload of data from existing asset registers and other systems.

Ability to add/edit bulk assets.

Export data and reports in a wide range of formats for seamless transfer of data between systems.

Tag assets with ultra-strong adhesive QR tags, suitable for indoor and outdoor use- providing a reliable identifier, and allowing quick and simple mobile scanning.

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Carry out quick asset audits.

Upload in a wide range of formats, and attach documents to asset records.

Access key documents quickly and easily.

Quick and easy photo and video storage and access.

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