People are undoubtedly any given organisation’s greatest resource. Fulfilling their respective responsibilities, however, invariably requires the provision of equipment. Keeping track of people, their tasks and workload presents its own unique set of challenges – but how do you keep track of your stuff?

Intelligent Asset Inventories

Asset inventories have been commonplace for years – the only real change to the practice is how intelligent it can be. The introduction of modern digital spreadsheet software gave users much greater scope to record information and make calculations more efficiently than pen and paper allowed previously. Now, intuitive asset management solutions are the next rung on the ladder.

Ensuring you’re up-to-speed with the cost, condition, whereabouts and status of all your tangible and intangible assets has never been easier – at a time when the need to be so is more pressing than ever before.

Asset Management With Compliance Pod 

Compliance Pod offers the scope to record, access and report on individual or custom-grouped assets, simply and quickly – wherever you are – allowing you to track issues and errors and view important financial information for budgeting and lifecycle management purposes.

Notifications of changes are simple and quick to create. If a service agreement is 6 weeks away from rolling in a new contract period, Compliance Pod will tell you. If someone has marked a laptop as “Ready for Disposal” then you can be notified to approve the disposal. It’s all just so easy with Compliance Pod.

One-click reports can be run to find all assets or infrastructure of the same type across the organisation’s facilities, to ensure internal staff and external contractors are always aware of the locations of assets they oversee – saving costs and, crucially, time. Our Asset Manager software also enables the storage of contractor and contract information – intelligently linking this with the assets covered by these agreements.

Whilst the capacity of Asset Manager is impressive individually, the overarching platform was built with one word in mind: consolidation. The system’s power is enhanced when connected with other Compliance Pod modules which complement the functionality and enable even greater operational oversight.

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