Running a successful operation, regardless of size or sector, requires the regular completion of statutory and best practice tasks. This includes tests, checks and inspections that must be carried out to warrant the smooth running of day-to-day business, ensuring everyone is always safe.

Mediums to Log Tasks

There are various mediums available to log the process of completing these tasks – some more universal than others.

Paper Forms

Paper forms have long been used to complete checks of equipment and infrastructure. Those responsible for these forms will fill them out with a pen and file them upon completion. 

An extension of this method involves completing these paper forms and transposing the information onto a digital record after the fact.

There are three key issues with this approach:

  • Time
  • Security
  • Accuracy

Each one of these issues affects the other.

The time taken to fill out these forms and replicate the information in digital format can lead to an apathetic approach to the process, which in turn can mean that crucial details are incorrect, or missed entirely.

Storing physical copies in an organised manner is also a challenge – the regularity of these tasks means that space is taken up by numerous files and folders, of which secure storage is paramount, but also taxing.

Digital Recording

Instantaneous, digital recording of the process combats all these potential issues with Compliance Pod’s Compliance Task module. Paper forms can be replicated in their entirety, and the results of rests and checks are stored automatically in a centralised platform, meaning that when tasks are processed, the details are recorded for those (and only those) who require access to the results – instantly. 

Replicating the analogue process in an intelligent, electronic way makes things easy for everyone, and negates the possibility for staff to become disenfranchised with the process.

Digitise Your Processes

It’s time to digitise, and it’s so much easier than you might think. Find out more about Compliance Tasks here or book a demo with us today.